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ARB Classic Series II Fridge Freezer (37 Quarts)

ARB Classic Series II Fridge Freezer (37 Quarts)

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Classic Series II Fridge Freezer

37 Quarts

Rotomold coolers are great for trips lasting a day or two, but anything longer and you'll find yourself needing more. We have your needs covered at every stage of your build, so when it's time for a mobile fridge/freezer check out our ARB® lineup!

Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold no matter where you are, the Classic Series II range of fridge freezers includes an advanced electronic control system with a dimmable backlit touchpad for easy night time operation, as well as a 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display.

Beneath the Classic Series II’s tough steel outer casing, a reversible basket with divider helps keep food and drinks stored neat and tidy, while a convenient drain plug allows for simple cleaning.

Whether you’re in the driver’s seat, or relaxing in your camp chair, keeping an eye on the temperature of your fridge freezer has never been easier. A new Bluetooth® transmitter has been developed that allows full-control and monitoring via Android, Apple devices, and even ARB LINX. Now, you can adjust or monitor the fridge freezer’s temperature and receive an alert when your friend leaves the lid open. The transmitter is included at no additional cost with the purchase of a new Series II Fridge Freezer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity:
    • 37 Quart (50 x 12oz cans)
  • External Dimensions:
    • 16.9in (H) x 15in (W) x 27.8in (D)
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Fruit & Dairy Compartment 5in (H) x 11.2in (W) x 6in (D) Main Compartment 12.6in (H) x 11.2in (W) x 13.3in (D)
  • Weight:
    • 45lbs
  • Power:
    • Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240 AC power integrated battery protection system
  • Current Draw:
    • 0.85 amps/hour average power consumption tested at 37.4˚F cabinet temp. 78.8˚F - 87.8˚F ambient temperature range. Test duration of 66 hours and supply voltage of 12V DC.
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