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ARB Portable Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

ARB Portable Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

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Portable Single Cylinder Air Compressor

Air compressors are a necessary piece of equipment when you're off-roading. For those of you who want an ARB compressor but do not want to have to permanently mount it in your vehicle, we have your answer. We are excited to carry the ARB® Portable Single Cylinder Air Compressor. 

ARB®'s most powerful compressor, designed to run air tools off-road and fill some of the largest tires, now comes in a durable carry case, with a 1 gallon tank, for added portability. Included is a 19ft air hose and all the necessary fittings for tire inflation.


  • Compact twin motor, dual cylinder design makes this the highest flowing portable compressor of its size on the market at 6.16CFM

  • Integrated aluminum air tank and pressure switch regulates pressure between 135PSI and 150PSI which is suited to most air tools.

  • Mounted in a waterproof carry case constructed from a durable impact resistant polymer.

  • The carry case has convenient compartments for storing the air hose and other compressor accessories. (20ft air hose included)

  • Ducted IP55 sealed brushed DC cooling fan and anodized aluminum motor mounting brackets effectively dissipate heat from the motors, heads and electronics allowing for a 100% duty cycle.

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