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Cat Security®

Cat Security Catalytic Converter Shield 2008-21 4WD Toyota Sequoia

Cat Security Catalytic Converter Shield 2008-21 4WD Toyota Sequoia

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Cat Security™ Catalytic Converter Shield 

2008-2021 Toyota Sequoia 4WD

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Catalytic converter theft is on the rise, big time. Not only are Toyotas a prime target, but our lifted rigs make it a lot easier for thieves. They roll under and just hack the hell out of everything causing a lot more damage then missing cats, costing thousands in damage. Luckily, Cat Security saw this and made the perfect product for it!

The Cat Security™ Catalytic Converter Shield is designed to protect your catalytic converters from theft, and also work great for off-roading protection too!


  • Unique three-piece design gives you maximum protection. The main shield is made from a 1/8" Solid aluminum plate.  The shield blocks access to the catalytic converters from underneath your truck. 
  • Like to off-road? They've got you covered! The shield helps protect your transmission from rocks, branches, ice chunks, and other road debris.
  • The precision-designed side plates enclose the voids blocking out easy access cut points.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing chassis, our converter protection looks and fits as if it came that way from the factory. It provides adequate ventilation that will not hinder the protection it provides.
  • Their logo placement and size give smog technicians a clear view of authenticating your catalytic converters. Our supplied specialty tool kit will allow for removal should maintenance be required. 
  • Their exclusive security install kit makes it easy to get protected. No welding needed! The included security hardware gives you everything from start to finish. With basic hand tools, utilize our simple to follow, full-color, step-by-step instructions for a smooth install.

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