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Thrashed Off-Road

¡Cuatro! 4-Way Tire Deflator/ Inflator With TJM Portable Air Compressor 2.75 CFM

¡Cuatro! 4-Way Tire Deflator/ Inflator With TJM Portable Air Compressor 2.75 CFM

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Deflate your tires, not your wallet! (Inflate too!)

This isn't some "home-built hose clamp" or a "skimp on the options" deflator kit. This is anything but an overpriced and under-built deflator kit. Welcome to the Cuatro, by Thrashed Off-Road, a new way to inflate and deflate anywhere. 

Plus we have now partnered with EGOI to bring you a way to inflate on the go! Check out the specs of ¡Cuatro! and EGOI air compressor below!!

Check out the features of Cuatro below!

  • Each tire has it's own pressure control valve. This gives you the ability to control each tires' pressure individually without having to disconnect the system.
    • Want to run different tire pressure in the front versus the back? There is no need to disconnect the system, just close the valves at the wheel chucks.
    • Smaller compressor? Simple, just close 1, 2, or 3 valves to put less strain on your compressor. 
      • The best part? No extra charge, it's now included standard!
  • Premium hybrid polymer air hose; split resistant up to 300psi.
    • Built to handle powerful compressors and PowerTanks alike.
      • Please note, you must remove pressure gauge before filling tires with PowerTank only!
  • 100% brass components including brass ferrules on all connections.
  • Quick connect fittings on the driver and passenger side.
    • Allows you to air up one side or both!
    • Great for those with smaller compressors.
  • Analog pressure gauge and cover (not pictured) included standard.
    • Never worry about replacing batteries.
  • Loctite® Pneumatic thread sealant used on all connections.
    • We didn't get the cheap stuff!
  • Quick connect Schrader valve for inflating at your local off-road park.
  • Smaller diameter multi-locking wheel chucks to fit in those hard to reach places.
    • These stay locked in place!
  • Bag and manifold hanger included!  
  • Fit's vehicles up to a 155" wheelbase (Again, we include it at no upcharge)
  • Equalizes tire pressure.
  • Works with a variety of compressors with both female and male quick connect fittings.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Instruction card included.
  • Proudly assembled in the USA!

TJM Portable Air Compressor 2.75 CFM

Designed and engineered for tough overlanding conditions, the TJM portable air compressor makes tire pressure adjustment easy. It comes complete with a 23'6 ft quick connect rubber hose, gauge and soft carry bag for damage-free packing and backed by a 5 Year Australia-wide warranty. Add an optional TJM tire repair kit for hassle-free puncture repairs on the road.

Material: Oil less non lube piston & cylinder design. Air cooled with thermal protection.
Size: Maximum air flow of 78LPM (2.75CFM) @ 0psi, 35LPM (1.24CFM) @ 40psi. Serviceable air filter assembly
Suits: All 4WD, car and trailer tire applications.
Tech: 7.2 m (23'6 ft) Quality rubber air hose with pressure gauge. 2m (6'56 ft) power lead with quick connect alligator clamps.



At Mid-Atlantic Off-Roading we do things differently, very differently. Unlike other kits on the market, we include everything you need and don't upcharge you for premium components. And the best part is, we don't and won't charge you ridiculous prices.


We test all kits individually for any defects before shipping.

*Please note, kits may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. Brass is a soft metal and scratches easily. While we do our best to mitigate this, some minor blemishes may occur during the assembly process.
**The Cuatro carries a 6-month manufactures warranty on all defects.
Have an issue? Simply send us an email with photos of the problem. Once approved send it back and we'll replace and fix the issue and ship it back to you.



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