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Limb Riser Kit 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

Limb Riser Kit 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

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Limb Riser Kit

2016+ Toyota Tacoma

Once you see them you know you've seen them before (On Jeeps), but you probably didn't know what they were. Well being the pioneers of affordable products we decided to be the first company to create them for the Toyota Tacoma!

But what do they do? Limb risers use cables to route limbs and other low hanging obstacles up and away from your windshield helping prevent costly damage. If anyone has had to replace a windshield on your Tacoma, if you have autocruise and lane departure warning, it can cost upwards of $1,000 to replace! Grab yourself a little extra insurance to help prevent damage and grab our 100% bolt on kit today!


  • 100% bolt on, no drilling into the vehicle required.
  • Utilize your factory roof rail mounting holes or mount directly to your roof rack.
  • Includes 4 brackets; 2 for the hood and 2 for the roof.
  • Brackets are made from 1/8 inch thick steel and powder coated to help prevent rust.
  • All hardware and cables are 304 stainless steel to help prevent rust.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • Proudly made and assembled in the USA.

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