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MPower ORV 4" Fascia Silicone Lens LED Light

MPower ORV 4" Fascia Silicone Lens LED Light

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mpower® ORV 4" Fascia

Optic Grade Silicone Lens LED Lights


Move aside literally every other light on the market. It's time to make room for a brand new, top of the line, and one of a kind, LED light. Introducing mpower®, a truly one of a kind LED light that is ready to handle anything you and your rig can throw at it.

mpower® silicone LED lights are literally built for the rocks, dirt, or whatever else you might stir up on your next adventure.

The patented mpower® silicone lens and optic design delivers something polycarb lenses can’t. Gravel pitting, scratches, and cracks – no thank you! And don’t get us started on that dull yellow look of most lenses. Ewwww. Not with silicone lenses.

Our hybrid optic offers unmatched spot and flood output. Frankly, we beat leading off-road lighting giants in raw lumen output. So when you think about that combined with how they never dull from crazing, you find yourself with lights that are brighter, last longer, and stay looking new.


  • (1) 4" Fascia Light


  • Low-profile shape allows for mounting – anywhere.

  • ClearDuty™ molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses.

  • The sun’s UV rays cleans the lens preventing yellowing over time.

  • Built to prevent water from entering light.

  • White, amber and green colors available in the spotlight. White available in flood.

    • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA

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