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NightRide Scout Thermal Imaging Camera 384-13

NightRide Scout Thermal Imaging Camera 384-13

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NightRide Scout Thermal Imaging Camera

Are you ready to step up your off-road experience to an unbelievable level? Maybe it's time to step up to thermal imaging. It's a bit unheard of in the off-roading world but we have seen and tested the real world application and it's official, you need it.

Are you doing night runs on the trails? It's time to see beyond what your lights can show you. Steer clear of wildlife and other vehicles on the road. Hitting the trails in the snow and rain? See everything ahead with no issues. Want to protect your really expensive build from deer popping out of the woods? See them before anyone else. Looking for the ultimate hunting companion? Look no further.

High Resolution Thermal Camera with 360° Remote Control. Bring your situational awareness to the next level! See predators, farm animals, deer, people and objects on the road in darkness, rain, snow, fog, smoke.

Sensitive equipment needs protection! Our Scout Protective Cases are designed to be rugged, and travel the harshest environments on the planet.


  • Remote controlled panning + tilting provides full + safe situational awareness
  • Magnetic mount for quick and easy rooftop mounting, powered through cigarette lighter adapter
  • Automatically captures video displayed on phone, tablet or computer


Animal/pedestrian detection, hunting, search + rescue, firefighting, law enforcement, security, transport and construction, outdoor recreation, etc.


  • Dimensions: 7 1/4"x6 3/8"x 6 3/4"
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to +140°F
  • Sealed Design: IP69
  • Sensor Type: 384 x 288 Uncooled Micro-bolometer
  • Field of View: 28° (H)
  • FPS: 25hz
  • Power Consumption: 3W
  • Power Requirements: 12-16 VDC

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