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Pedders Rear Brake Conversion Kit 2005+ Toyota Tacoma

Pedders Rear Brake Conversion Kit 2005+ Toyota Tacoma

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Rear Drum To Disc Conversion Kit

2005+ Toyota Tacoma

So you've got a Tacoma, you're excited to start modifying it and then hit the trails. As you walk around your truck and get to the back wheels, "wait wait wait are those drum brakes?!". In our opinion this is THE WORST part of every Tacoma, rear drums. Your towing stopping power is greatly limited and you need the length of the runway they used in the Fast and Furious® movie to stop. And if your hard on your brakes when off-roading those drums fade fast.

Its time to change all of that with Pedders® Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Kit, straight out of Australia. Change out the old drum technology, increase your on and off-road performance, increase the resale value of your Tacoma, all while not breaking the bank.

In our opinion if you're lifting your truck, adding bigger wheels, heavier bumpers then this is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Easy inspection. The car owner does not have to remove the wheels to look at the disc brake system.
  • Increased stopping power over drum brakes. Smaller pad area, but more clamping efficiently. Brake pedal feel and modulation are improved.
  • The disc brakes are completely self-adjusting and have less moving parts.
  • It takes longer for the disc brake to achieve brake fade, because they have a wider surface area that is directly exposed to air.
  • Disc brakes drain water quickly whereas once water enters a drum brake, it stays there longer hindering braking efficiency.
  • Brake mounting is very easy. Only two bolts are needed to be removed to replace brake pads.
  • Kit is inclusive of all of the necessary hardware to convert the rear drum brake to our Pedders TrakRyder Rear Disc Brake. Kit contents includes are pair of Pedders TrakRyder Geomet coated and slotted disc brake rotors. Plus a set of rear TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads.
  • ADR certified – Extensive testing to support our Australian design rule certification.
  • Installation video supplied along with fitting instructions.
  • 2 Year / 40,000km / 24000 mile Nationwide Warranty.


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