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Solar Burn LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Pair)

Solar Burn LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs (Pair)

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Solar Burn LED Headlights  

Ready to replace your halogen headlight bulbs without having to replace all the cash in your wallet? Look no further than our LED headlight bulbs, a direct replacement for your existing bulbs!

At 5,000 raw lumens per bulb and 48 watts of power, 10,000 for the pair, you'll be able to ignite the night and the road ahead. What helps these bulbs stand out, aside from price, is their cooling system. Let's give you some back story to traditional LED bulbs:

  • LED lights generate a lot of heat, and that heat has to go somewhere. Most LED bulbs on the market utilize a small heatsink and plastic fan to disburse the generated heat. This fan can be a serious problem when you're off-roading; dirt and debris can get caught in the plastic fan, causing it to stop working. Additionally, all the hard hits of off-roading can jar the moving parts attached to the bulb. When this happens, well, that's it for your light!

Solar Burn headlights use a copper braid heat sink system instead of a plastic fan. Simply spread out the braids after install and they handle the rest. For you, this means no moving parts, no need to worry about if your fans are working, and the braids can get covered in dirt and not hurt your lights' efficiency. So you can keep sending it off-road and not worry about your lights working when you're ready to get back on the paved paths.

Make the switch to Solar Burn LED Headlight Bulbs, perfect for your on and off-road adventures!

Tacoma Low Beams in stock headlights.

Light bulb sizes for reference ONLY (Universal bulbs however we are listing Toyotas only). These are sold as a pair!! If we don't have a bulb size you're looking for just send us a message!

  • H9 - Tacoma High Beam/
  • H11 - Tacoma Low Beam/ 4Runner Low Beam
  • 9005 - 4Runner High Beam

*Free shipping to all 50 states*

1 year warranty on all headlights.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping while we ramp up our production and inventory. After this period orders will ship next business day.

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