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Tuff Stuff Overland

Titan Solar Light, 3,500 Lumen, Freestanding, 12 Inch, Tuff Stuff Overland

Titan Solar Light, 3,500 Lumen, Freestanding, 12 Inch, Tuff Stuff Overland

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Titan Solar Light, 3,500 Lumen, Freestanding, 12 Inch

Tuff Stuff Overland

The TITAN lighting system offers 3500 lumens on a swivel head, 12” solar panel, 3 removable light bars that double as power banks all mounted on a highly adjustable tripod stand, packed into a compact hard case with a solar window.

3,500 Lumen Lighting With Three Removable Light Bars

Each light bar offers 1150 lumens, doubles as a power bank, five-light settings each, along with a hook, magnets, and connectors to configure the TITAN's light bars in virtually any configuration.

Three Removable 1,150 Lumen Light Bars

Each removable light bar also doubles as a power bank.

12" Solar Panel

The TITAN includes a 12” solar panel to recharge your lighting system while set up during the day, or while stored in the hardshell case.

Adjustable Swivel Head

The TITAN offers a fully adjustable swivel head, allowing infinite adjustability of your high-powered lighting system.

Highly Adjustable Telescoping Tripod Stand

The TITAN's tripod stands out from the competition, offering three individually adjustable telescoping legs, and a center telescoping pole with up to 79" of height adjustability.

Storage Hammock

The Titan offers a removable storage hammock that doubles as a central weight for the Titan lighting system.

Protective Hardshell Case

A unique hardshell case with clear window allowing you to charge your TITAN while packed on your roof rack.

  • 12" solar panel 
  • 3,500 lumen lighting
  • 3 removable light bars (1,150 lumen each)
  • Each light bar has 5 light settings, hook, & magnet
  • Each light bar doubles as a power bank
  • Adjustable swivel light head
  • Telescoping legs & stand, max 79"
  • Storage hammock
  • Protective hardshell case w/clear window allowing you to charge while traveling
  • Product case size L/W/H: 27.36x13.39x6.22
  • Product weight: 20.5 Lbs
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