Send It Suspension by Thrashed Off-Road

"The ride of these shocks are extremely smooth on road and handle the extra weight of my rig. The adjustments for compression are very noticeable. The rebound adjustments are a great feature, letting me dial in for those black trails while rock crawling" - Andrew @wickedoverland

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Factory Color Matched Parts

Who Is Thrashed Off-Road?

Thrashed Off-Road was born from the idea of "Make Off-Roading Affordable Again" so we made it our motto. Then we incorporated it into every new product we add and develop!

So when you're ready to go thrash the gnarliest trails imagineable you can rest assured knowing Thrashed Off-Road has your build covered every step of the way. We cut profits, NOT corners.

Thrashed Off-Road is part of the Mid-Atlantic Off-Roading family of brands!

Thrashed Off-Road & Tread Lightly!

Here at Thrashed Off-Road we recognize that as a retailer of off-roading parts we have a responsibility to work to protect the very lands that bring us so much enjoyment.

Without the proper knowledge and best practices we would lose this outdoor space we love. We encourage all of our customers to look into Tread Lightly's membership program that helps keep our trails clean, open, and wildlife and nature protected!

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