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ARB Differential Breather Kit

ARB Differential Breather Kit

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Differential Breather

So you're building your rig, you've it all ready to go. During a water crossing, BAM you end up with a soggy diff, and we aren't talking the outside. You forgot one key component to your build, a diff breather. Before this happens to you, we've got you covered with the ARB® Diff Breather Kit.

When drivetrain assemblies such as your vehicle’s differentials, gearbox and transfer case heat up under normal operation, the air inside expands and increases pressure. To vent this additional pressure, most factory differentials have a one-way valve mounted to either the assembly itself, or on a short extension tube close by. Unfortunately, when the drivetrain assembly cools down, the air inside contracts, creating a vacuum. When cooling occurs during a water crossing, these one-way valves can draw water into the system, potentially causing expensive damage. The ARB® Differential Breather Kit is designed to provide a high-flow, zero back pressure, zero vacuum breather system to keep your drivetrain free of water. This is achieved with a central high-flow air filter and manifold that will allow up to four drivetrain assemblies to be vented to one central location, positioned high enough to avoid water during crossings.

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