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Campchef Rainier Two Burner Grill

Campchef Rainier Two Burner Grill

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Campchef Rainier Two Burner Stove

There's nothing better than a cool, crisp morning in the outdoors with a pile of steaming bacon, eggs, and pancakes. And there's no better camp system to create that meal than the Rainier 2X Combo. With the included non-stick aluminum griddle, you have the space to cook up breakfast on one side and heat a kettle of water on the other.


  • We're packing a ton of punch in our compact cooking systems. One 8,000 BTU tube burner + One 10,000 BTU burner combine for a total for 18K BTUs/Hr. These powerful burners along with the 3-sided windscreen fight windy conditions.
  • Includes unit, griddle, and carry bag.
  • Folding lid provides a 3-sided wind screen when the cook system is in use. Once shut the lid latches like a suit-case for a convenient transportation option.
  • Don’t worry about where the lighter is, when you have matchless ignition you can get your cooking system roaring with the twist of a knob
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