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GG Lighting G4-RS 3 Color LED Headlight Bulbs White/Yellow/Amber

GG Lighting G4-RS 3 Color LED Headlight Bulbs White/Yellow/Amber

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GG Lighting G4-RS 3 Color LED Headlight Bulbs White/Yellow/Amber

The G4-RS 3 color head light bulbs are designed to adapt to different weather or situations for safer driving. Our new LED bulb provides an easy plug-n-play solution, which is compatible with most vehicle types.

To change modes simply turn the headlights either on/off or switch between the parking lights back to headlights. There is no extra wiring or switches, these bulbs simply replace your standard halogen bulbs and are ready to go.


The G4-RS series LED headlight kit allows you to change the color of light to adapt to all conditions. These offer a 6500K cool white to improve your visibility at night, a yellow light at 4300K and 3000k amber which provide clearer vision on rainy, foggy, snowy, and dusty days. The flashing mode can be used when facing emergency situations, available on certain bulbs. If your bulb has a Hi/Low combo they will not do the flash function.


The G4-RS bulb dissipates the heat efficiently by drawing high temperature out of the chip with 1.0 MM double-sided copper core, 6063 aluminum housing, and 7500RPM high-speed quiet fan, achieving effective heat dissipation for a longer lifespan of over 30,000 hours.


Beam pattern is as important as brightness. G4-RS LED headlight bulbs allow you to rotate 360° for best beam pattern. An accurate beam makes you see and be seen more clearly and comfortably without blinding oncoming vehicles. 


Many LED headlight bulbs use a large fan cooling system that is not small or easy to install. G4-RS bulbs are designed to be as compact as possible. The mini-sized H4 LED headlight bulbs are almost 1:1 the same size as halogen bulbs definitely fit 99% of vehicles without any modification.


The G4-RS bulb  has passed extreme testing in water, ice, mud, dust storm, and extreme high/low temperature making the bulbs stable and more durable.

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