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Giddy Up 2.0 Throttle Response Controller 2014+ Lexus GX460

Giddy Up 2.0 Throttle Response Controller 2014+ Lexus GX460

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Giddy Up 2.0 Throttle Response Controller

2014+ Lexus GX460

Welcome to Giddy Up 2.0, the streamlined version of our best selling Giddy Up. We heard you when you asked for an easier to mount until in your GX460, so we gave you a button that simply pops into your factory blank plate. No more hassling with running the wires and mounting your screen. Simply mount it where you have a blank plate for your factory button.

Do you ever feel like your GX460 is sluggish? Well, now it's time to give it some GIDDY UP with our in house made throttle response controller. Lexus GX460's use a drive-by-wire system that controls the throttle body electronically. Part of the issue with this is that there is a serious delay in response, there is just no "get up and go". Our throttle response controller improves this signal to eliminate the delay for a throttle response, making it a must have for your Lexus GX460. If you have a lift and 33's or bigger, this is a MUST HAVE!

Giddy Up 2.0 has 4 different modes. Each mode can be clicked through and the corresponding color will light up on the button. The modes are listed in order below.

  • Stock (White) - The unit is inactive in this mode.
  • Eco (Green) - This is for maximum fuel economy.
  • Sport (Blue) - A big improvement over stock throttle response.
  • Race (Red) - When you need some Giddy Up, this is it. Be prepared for some serious response in your throttle.

Why spend more on other units that do the exact same thing?! Like always we bring you quality products at affordable prices, and Giddy Up 2.0 is no exception! 

*This unit is wired, and has no Bluetooth functionality*

One year warranty on all manufacturer defects

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