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Sandy Cats

Kinetic Recovery Rope By Sandy Cats

Kinetic Recovery Rope By Sandy Cats

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Kinetic Recovery Rope

By Sandy Cats 

We compared ropes on the market and found deficiencies in many of them. So we developed our own ropes! Don't believe us... see our YouTube video HERE.

 Problems we saw with some name brand ropes:

  • Untreated
  • Improperly protected splice causing friction (eventual failure)
  • Lack of twisting on internal strands
  • Weak out layer 
  • Poorly dipped (or completely not dipped) eyes. 

We solved ALL these problems! Please see YouTube video mentioned above for reference. We are using a modified version of the rope at 9:30 mark.

Plus we added reflective strands to make our rope visible for nightime recoveries.

And yes! We tested our ropes for actual stretch. You will find many ropes don't stretch as advertised due to improper twisting of internal nylon. Video's above show stretch of a 20' rope. You should expect more stretch on a 30' rope.

Technical information:

Size available: 7/8" x 30'

                         7/8" x 20'

Break strength: 28,000 pounds 

Internal: Nylon 66 (12 strand) - white

External: Nylon 6 with UV and abrasion prevention

Elongation: 30%

Eyes: Double dipped

Coating: Polymer coating 

Meets Cordage Institute testing

Warranty: 2 years

We highly support made in USA and will tell you to buy it if you can. These ropes are made in China (in one of the few facilities that are members of the cordage institute and certify their products). If you can afford US made high quality… please buy!! We made these ropes because everyone is buying and marketing cheaper ropes that are extremely inferior quality… so we decided to offer a safer and higher quality option for similar pricing (please see our YouTube video for more details here including deficiencies we found with various brands: )

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