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Mega Whipz

Mega Whipz Marine Whip 4.5' 72 LED Color / 180 White Top 6"

Mega Whipz Marine Whip 4.5' 72 LED Color / 180 White Top 6"

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Welcome to the next level of marine lighting with our cutting-edge Marine Whips. Built with the same high-tech construction as our renowned UTV whips, these marine whips take it a step further, boasting a larger diameter and an integrated 6" white navigation light.


*USA Flag not included

Key Features:

  1. High-Tech Construction: Our Marine Whips inherit the advanced technology and construction methods from our UTV whips, ensuring durability and performance that can withstand the demanding conditions of marine environments.

  2. Built-in 6" White Navigation Light: Navigate the waters with confidence using the built-in 6" white navigation light. This essential feature enhances visibility and safety during your marine adventures.

  3. Fully Serviceable Marine Flag Spinner Rings: Designed to endure even the harshest saltwater conditions, our marine whips come equipped with fully serviceable marine flag spinner rings. These rings guarantee resilience and longevity, making them perfect for marine applications.

  4. New Generation 2 Thru the Base Wiring System: Mega Whipz are equipped with an industry leading thru the base wiring system which now eliminates the need to disconnect the cable wiring when removing your Mega Whipz! Simply pull the disconnect ping and lift, it doesn't get any easier than that!

  5. Exclusive Two-Channel Marine Bluetooth Controller: Elevate your marine lighting experience with our exclusive two-channel Marine Bluetooth controller. With this innovative technology, you can independently set your port (red) and starboard (green) colors when running a pair of these whips, allowing for customizable and dynamic lighting effects.

Gear up for unmatched marine lighting performance with our Marine Whips. Whether you're navigating the open sea, docked at the marina, or cruising along coastal waters, these whips are designed to enhance your visibility, safety, and overall marine experience. Illuminate your journey with confidence – choose Marine Whips for cutting-edge technology and reliable performance on the water.

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