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Not So Widdle 4Runner Hatch Ladder 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner

Not So Widdle 4Runner Hatch Ladder 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner

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Upgraded Hatch Struts

Not So Widdle 4Runner Hatch Ladder

2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner 

Pre-Order Special Pricing - Shipping in Roughly 5 Weeks (Updated 3/20/23)

Ready for the ONLY ladder on the market of its kind? We looked at all the "widdle wadders" on the market and decided the people needed something beefy, something versatile, and something that looked damn good. So we created the Not So Widdle Wadder. It's unlike ANYTHING on the market.

Specs and Features

  • 95% aluminum construction. Steel is used on top and bottom mounting plates.
  • Powder coated for durability in all elements.
  • Integrated grab handles for improved climbing.
  • Integrated, folding or removable molle panel for mounting various items (35lb weight limit)
  • Cutout in molle panel allows for a foot step without removing it.
  • Unparalleled design featuring 3D exoskeleton with mounting slots for various items.
  • 80/20 extruded aluminum steps. T-Slots allows for endless mounting possibilities.
  • Drilling required for installation on bottom plate. 
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Weighs 26lbs.
  • Tested 250lb weight limit.
  • Upgraded trunk struts may be required depending on climate and weight. Consult us for more details!

*Please use caution when climbing the ladder in wet conditions and always have 3 points of contact on the ladder to help avoid any accidents.

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