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Overland Vehicle Systems

OVS Heavy Duty Fridge Slide

OVS Heavy Duty Fridge Slide

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OVS Heavy Duty Fridge Slide

The Heavy Duty Fridge Slide from Overland Vehicle Systems is a reliable companion for off-road enthusiasts, boasting a robust construction designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Its durable weather-resistant black powder coating not only enhances its longevity but also provides a sleek appearance. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring stainless steel hardware, this fridge slide ensures a lightweight yet sturdy solution for securely transporting your essentials. The heavy-duty handle, easy-to-use locking mechanism, and multiple anchor points make it a user-friendly and versatile option, while the extra space for storing items adds practicality to this indispensable overlanding accessory.

Durable Weather Resistant Coating:

Black powder coating ensures durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Long-lasting protection for the fridge slide, extending its lifespan in challenging environments.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction:

Crafted from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. Lightweight design without compromising on strength, ideal for off-road adventures where weight matters.

Stainless Steel Hardware:

Incorporates stainless steel hardware components. Enhanced corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods.

Heavy-Duty Handle:

Equipped with a sturdy and ergonomic heavy-duty handle. Convenient and comfortable handling, facilitating ease of use during loading and unloading.

Multiple Anchor Points:

Provides multiple anchor points for securing the fridge or other cargo. Enables versatile and secure attachment, preventing shifting during transit.

4 Heavy Duty Straps for Secure Loads:

Includes four heavy-duty straps designed for securing heavy loads. Ensures the safe and secure transportation of items, minimizing the risk of movement or damage.

Easy to Use Locking Mechanism:

Incorporates an easy-to-use locking mechanism. Quick and secure locking, providing peace of mind and preventing accidental openings during travel.

Heavy-Duty Slide Rails:

Utilizes heavy-duty slide rails for smooth and robust sliding. Enhances overall durability and stability, contributing to a reliable and efficient sliding mechanism.

Extra Space for Storing Items:

Offers additional space for storing items. Maximizes utility, allowing users to carry more essentials or accessories during their overlanding journeys.


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Color: Black Slides: 1 Lockable:Mounting Rows:XXXXMounting Holes: XXXX
Body Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Hardware Material: Marine Grade Stainless Steel Securely Hold a Refrigerator: Yes Anchors Pins Included: Yes, QTY XXXX
Tie Down Straps Included: Yes, 4 Straps


Closed Dimensions:  51.5" Length x 20" Width x 3.5" Height

Internal Slide Dimensions: 49.5" Length x 17.5" Width x 2.25" Height

Fully Open Dimensions - 102" Length x 20" Width x 3.5" Height

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