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Overland Vehicle Systems

OVS Portable Camp Shower - 23 QT, Nozzle & Accessories

OVS Portable Camp Shower - 23 QT, Nozzle & Accessories

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OVS Portable Camp Shower - 23 QT, Nozzle & Accessories

Are you ready to take your outdoor experiences to the next level, where comfort and convenience meet nature's beauty? Welcome to the future of on-the-go refreshment with our revolutionary 23-Quart Portable Shower System. Designed for adventurers, travelers, and nature lovers, this system redefines what it means to stay fresh and rejuvenated while embracing the great outdoors.

Large Capacity:

Embrace a lot of cleanliness with an impressive 23-quart capacity. Whether you're on an extended camping trip, a beach getaway, or a remote expedition, this system ensures you have an abundance of water at your fingertips.

Effortless Fill And Drain:

The wide mouth water inlet simplifies the fill-up process, while the drain makes emptying the tank a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated setups and time-consuming tasks; with this system, it's all about ease.

Hands-Free Spray Nozzle:

Enjoy ultimate convenience with our hands-free spray nozzle. You can effortlessly direct the flow of water, allowing for efficient bathing, dishwashing, and more without the need for constant manual effort.

Efficiency At Your Feet:

Our high-efficiency foot pump pressurizes the system, ensuring a powerful and consistent water flow. Your comfort is a priority, and this feature keeps the water flowing smoothly.

Stay Informed With Water Level Window:

The integrated water level window provides quick and easy access to check the remaining water volume, allowing you to plan your activities without any unexpected surprises.

Personal Care Made Easy:

An integrated mesh pouch keeps your small personal care items within arm's reach. It's the perfect addition for maintaining your hygiene and well-being even when you're far from civilization.

Your Adventure, Your Refreshment:

Whether you're conquering the wilderness, traveling to remote destinations, or simply enjoying a day outdoors, our 23-Quart Portable Shower System ensures you stay clean, refreshed, and invigorated. It's not just a system; it's your portal to relaxation and convenience in any environment.

Embrace The Future Of On-The-Go Refreshment:

The 23-Quart Portable Shower System is your partner in exploration and rejuvenation. It's where practicality meets adventure, where comfort meets nature. Experience the ultimate refreshment system for a truly refreshing journey.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the 23-Quart Portable Shower System - Where Nature Meets Convenience.

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