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Overland Vehicle Systems

OVS Ultimate 39 Piece Utensil Set

OVS Ultimate 39 Piece Utensil Set

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OVS Ultimate 39 Piece Utensil Set

Are you ready to take your culinary skills to new heights? Say hello to the ultimate kitchen companion, our 39-Piece Utensil Set, nestled within a sleek and meticulously crafted aircraft-grade aluminum storage box. Designed for organization and versatility, this set redefines the way you manage every culinary situation.

Culinary Mastery Awaits:

Unleash your inner chef and elevate your cooking experience with our comprehensive 39-piece utensil set. Each utensil is thoughtfully chosen to cover every aspect of your culinary adventures.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Elegance:

Your culinary tools deserve the best. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, our storage box combines strength and sophistication. It's more than storage; it's a statement of quality.

Custom Drawer System:

Stay organized and in control with our custom drawer system. Every utensil finds its designated place in precision-cut foam, ensuring easy access, minimal clutter, and a touch of elegance.

Top Shelf Versatility:

Elevate your kitchen organization with a top shelf designed to manage every situation. From a well-arranged workstation to a versatile prep area, this top shelf is your secret to culinary success.

Every Situation, Every Solution:

Whether you're a seasoned chef, a home cook, or a culinary enthusiast, our 39-Piece Utensil Set ensures you have the tools needed to tackle any culinary challenge. From intricate prep work to mouthwatering presentations, you're fully equipped.

Elevate Your Culinary Journey:

Experience culinary excellence like never before with the 39-Piece Utensil Set and Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Storage Box. It's more than a set; it's an expression of your passion for food and a commitment to perfection.

Unleash the power of culinary mastery with our Ultimate 39-Piece Utensil Set - Where Organization Meets Culinary Elegance.

The Details:

Body Material: 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body with two stage powder coat

Latches: QTY 2 and adjustable

Handles: QTY 2

Overhead Storage: Yes

Drawers: 3 with foam inserts

Bowls: QTY 4

Plates: QTY 4

Large Spoons: QTY 4

Small Spoons: QTY 4

Forks: QTY 4

Knives: QTY 4

Coffee/Teacups: QTY 4

Drinking Cups: QTY 4

Tongs: QTY 1

Butter Knife: QTY 1

Serving Spoon: QTY 1

Can Opener: QTY 1

Spatula: QTY 1

Oil Container: QTY 1

Potato Peeler: QTY 1

Closed Dimensions: 22” x 15” x 14.4”

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