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Ruff Tuff

Ruff Tuff Dura Ez Custom Seat Covers Toyota 4Runner 2016-2024

Ruff Tuff Dura Ez Custom Seat Covers Toyota 4Runner 2016-2024

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Ruff Tuff Dura Ez Custom Seat Covers Toyota 4Runner 2016-2024

Ready for some of the best covers on the market? Ready to completely customize your interior and make it stand out from the rest? Ruff Tuff is your answer!

Ruff Tuff Dura EZ-Care seat covers deliver comfort, protection, and value for your car’s interior. They’re a frequent choice for fleet and construction vehicles. The solid-color material, combined with superior durability and fit, offers a classic look that will always be in style.

Dura EZ-Care comes in several popular colors. You can mix and match colors and fabrics to suit your vehicle and tastes. Dura is often paired with fabrics from our Camo lines. (Insider tip: it’s the same fabric, but with solid colors instead of a camo pattern.)

The fabric cleans easily with a damp cloth. It’s water- and abrasion-resistant, a popular choice for children and pets.

Optional Special Ops Package

Each side has two scabbard-style pockets which open on both ends. This means long items can be placed through them horizontally across the width of the vehicle. This is ideal for items like fishing rods, surveying equipment, tools, and firearms. These pockets are tall enough to accommodate most soft gun cases, allowing transport of a firearm in a case as required by some local and state laws.

Velcro flaps also allow these scabbard-style pockets to be closed on the sides and used as individual pockets instead.

Each side of the Special OPS has a wide, open-topped pocket on the bottom and an adjustable strap along the top. Although these parts were specifically designed to hold a compound bow, they also work for a variety of other items. Skateboards, small fishing nets, window squeegees, or other tall, flat items are easy to secure.

You can also use just the pocket alone. Slide in maps, reusable shopping bags, coloring books, tablets, or clipboards.

You can even use the top strap alone to hold up items that are sitting vertically on the vehicle floor, such as a guitar case, work light, or tripod. Or run the strap through items such as helmets or earmuffs, and allow them to hang behind the seat.

Each side of the Special OPS has three rows of MOLLE webbing with standard military spacing to accommodate the addition of aftermarket pockets and accessories. The loops also make a convenient place to attach carabiners and belt clips. Or slide in pens, sunglasses, or small flashlights.

Above the MOLLE webbing is a 2-inch strip of Velcro (loop side only) for attaching patches or other items using the hook side.

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