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Send It Suspension Billet Upper Control Arms 2003-2009 GX470 Red

Send It Suspension Billet Upper Control Arms 2003-2009 GX470 Red

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Send It Suspension® Billet Upper Control Arms Red

2003-2009 GX470

 Currently Building More. Expected to ship within 6 to 8 weeks. (Updated 08/10/23)

We are all about making products better than the competition and pricing them for less. That is exactly what we did when we created our Billet Upper Control Arms. We made them stronger, we made them better and we made them for less.

As part of our very own Send It Suspension® line up these billet upper control arms are built to last. First we decided to not use the typical 6061 T6 aluminum used on others, we opted for 6082 T6 Forged Aluminum. Why? Because during our testing and through other tests 6082 proved to be on average 10% stronger than 6061 and more resistant to corrosion. Then we decided to use a beefier heim joint. The typical is 7/8ths, so we decided to do 15/16ths. And then finally we opted for a sealed ball joint for the long and maintenance free lifespan.


  • 6082 T6 Forged Billet Aluminum (10% stronger than 6061 T6)
  • 15/16 Heim Joints
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Ball Joint
  • Fully Adjustable Arms
  • Anodized red with laser etched logo
  • Corrects camber and caster
  • Designed for vehicles with aftermarket mid to extended travel suspension
  • 1 to 3.5 inch lifts accommodated
  • Allows for on vehicle adjustment with included tool


Check out our customers install video below.

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