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Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles 2010+ Lexus GX460

Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles 2010+ Lexus GX460

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Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles

2010+ Lexus GX460

Preorder Special - Allow 4 weeks for our first build batch

When you lift your truck, put bigger tires on, and start wheeling you start to put more strain on various components. One of the weak spots on your rig are your spindles, also known as steering knuckles. Bending, cracking or tweaking these can result in some serious complications and costly repairs.

We have your answer with our pre-gusseted spindles. First we start by forging our own spindles in house, and then making these things rock solid. Our gussets are made from 3/16 steel and carefully welded into place in order to avoid causing the spindles to warp. Unlike others on the market we PREHEAT our spindles to prepare them for welding and then we use a stitch weld style and constantly temp check along the way. It takes extra time but we do it right the first time.

No core charge or exchange you don't need to worry about having hassle with it. We use only brand new spindles made to factory specs.


  • In-house made spindles
  • The ONLY 3/16 steel gussets on the market
  • Preheated and carefully welded to avoid warping and metal fatigue.
  • Allows use of factory sway bar
  • Cutout to access UCA castle nut
  • Completely bolt on
  • Only available in raw
  • No core charge or exchange
  • 4.75'' backspacing required for 17'' wheels

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