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Thrashed Off-Road

Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles 2005+ Toyota Tacoma

Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles 2005+ Toyota Tacoma

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Tacoma Model Year

Send It Suspension Gusseted Spindles

2005+ Toyota Tacoma

Preorder Special - Allow 4 weeks for our first build batch

Send It Suspension Pre-Gusseted Spindles: Built for Extreme Off-Roading

Lifting your truck and adding bigger tires can put significant stress on various components, with spindles (steering knuckles) being particularly vulnerable. Bending, cracking, or tweaking these critical parts can lead to severe complications and expensive repairs. That's why Send It Suspension® offers pre-gusseted spindles designed to handle the increased demands of off-road driving.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction:

    • In-House Forged Spindles: Crafted in-house to ensure the highest quality and precision.

    • 3/16" Steel Gussets: The only spindles on the market with 3/16" steel gussets, providing unmatched strength and durability.

  • Advanced Welding Technique:

    • Preheated and Stitch Welded: Our spindles are preheated before welding and utilize a stitch weld style. This method minimizes the risk of warping and reduces metal fatigue, ensuring the spindles remain rock solid.

    • Constant Temperature Monitoring: Temperature is continually checked throughout the welding process to maintain integrity and prevent damage.

  • Ease of Installation:

    • Bolt-On Design: These spindles are completely bolt-on, making installation straightforward and hassle-free.

    • No Core Charge or Exchange: Unlike other options, there’s no need to worry about core charges or exchanges. We use only brand-new spindles built to factory specifications.

  • Compatibility and Accessibility:

    • Factory Sway Bar Compatible: Designed to work seamlessly with the factory sway bar.

    • UCA Castle Nut Access: Includes a cutout for easy access to the upper control arm (UCA) castle nut.

    • Required Backspacing: 4.75'' backspacing required for 17'' wheels.

  • Finish:

    • Available in Raw: These spindles are offered in a raw finish, ready for customization or coating as per your preference.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Material: In-house forged spindles with 3/16" steel gussets.

  • Preheating Process: Spindles are preheated to prepare for welding, preventing warping.

  • Welding Style: Stitch welding technique with constant temperature checks to avoid metal fatigue.

  • Compatibility:

    • Works with factory sway bar.

    • Cutout provided for UCA castle nut access.

    • Requires 4.75" backspacing for 17" wheels.

  • Installation: Fully bolt-on, no core charge or exchange necessary.

  • Finish: Raw.


  • Enhanced Durability: Our robust spindles with 3/16" gussets are built to withstand the most extreme off-road conditions.

  • Reliable Performance: The careful welding process ensures that the spindles maintain their integrity and strength over time.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Bolt-on design and no core charge make installation and maintenance hassle-free.

  • Versatility: Compatible with factory sway bars and designed for easy access to crucial components, ensuring a smooth upgrade process.

Upgrade your truck’s suspension with Send It Suspension Pre-Gusseted Spindles and enjoy the confidence of knowing your vehicle is equipped to handle the toughest trails and terrains. Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures these spindles are the most durable and reliable option on the market.


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