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Sandy Cats

The Ultimate Soft Shackle By Sandy Cats

The Ultimate Soft Shackle By Sandy Cats

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The Ultimate Soft Shackle

By Sandy Cats

After a ton of product testing we built the ultimate soft shackle. The shackle is lined with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene made to withstand aggressive pulls against sharp metal corners. This shackle can replace your hitch receiver shackle and serve as a standard soft shackle at the same time.

To accommodate various applications the shackle is 30" long.

***Please note that we conducted extremely aggressive testing for this product. We do not recommend using this product in a similar matter as most receivers are not rated for these loads. Do no exceed your receivers rating. Use in the same manner you would normally use a hitch receiver shackle. Rated tow points are always recommended.

And yes! That is our Cadillac and not a rental :)

3/8 Shackles are rated for 30,000 pounds (mid size SUV's and Pickups)

7/16 Shackles are rated for 36,000 pounds (full size SUV's and Pickups)  

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