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TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Control System COMBO KIT Jeep Gladiator

TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Control System COMBO KIT Jeep Gladiator

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TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Control System COMBO KIT

Jeep Gladiator

The TRIGGER 4 PLUS Jeep JL-JT Combo Kit pairs our critically acclaimed Trigger 4 Plus Wireless Controller with two essential installation accessories: Our Wheel-Well Controller Mounting Bracket and the Overhead RF Remote Mount!

Please note: the Overhead remote mount will NOT fit on vehicles equipped with the Adaptive Cruise Control option.

The Trigger 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Controller

Save installation time of your electronic accessories! Eliminate the need to run wires under the dash or through the firewall of a vehicle when wiring accessories. The Trigger 4 PLUS adds functionality such as an RF remote control for activating installed accessories from outside the vehicle. In addition, fused circuits with LED indicators notify you of circuit status or blown fuses.

The included battery-powered RF remote utilizes a universal mounting system that will accommodate round surfaces as well as flat surfaces. There is an ambient back-light (illuminating the space around the switches momentarily)  and it can be re-programmed for security or use with additional remotes; Several Trigger 4 Plus Wireless Accessory Controllers can be used together to control up to 24 accessories. When mounted to a UTV roll bar, the buttons on the remote are more easily accessible than dash switches. No straining against seat belts to reach the dash, just a quick reach up to flip a switch on the remote.

We get asked this a lot, so…Please do not swap higher capacity fuses into lower capacity circuits. Each circuit is engineered to handle only the stated load, and doing so will damage the Trigger and void its warranty.

The Bluetooth App will control on/off and dimming functions as well as flashing when used with LED or conventional lighting. It is simple to set up and allows for user customization. Use the app to “Trigger” lights from outside the vehicle whenever you might need to activate an accessory on demand.

A few notable features:

    • Accepts 12-24 Volt input
    • Two 30 amp fused circuits w/12-24 Volt output
    • Two 10 amp fused circuits w/12-24 Volt output
    • Includes 4 wire harnesses with waterproof connectors
    • Wireless RF remote rocker switch module with ambient backlight
    • Backlit switches when optionally connected to 12 Volt power via an 8′ long, thin 28 gauge harness
    • You can control it from your mobile device with our free TRIGGER ACS PLUS App for iOS/Android!
    • Comes with switch labels too!
    • Free 3-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects
TRIGGER 4 PLUS Jeep JL Overhead RF Remote Mount

The Trigger JL overhead mounting system is designed for quick and easy “No Tools” installation above the front windshield of a 2018+ Jeep Wrangler.  In fact, it allows the Trigger 4 PLUS RF remote assembly to be quickly and easily mounted in one of most easily accessed areas of the Jeep interior.  Furthermore, it requires no drilling or screws and is easily removable without causing any damage to the vehicle. The plastic body includes a steel sub-structure that incorporates a clip system for attachment to the vehicle. Includes hardware for mounting your RF remote base.

TRIGGER Jeep JL Underhood Controller Bracket

The Trigger JL underhood mounting system is designed for quick and easy installation in the space between the battery and inner wheel-well sheet metal of a 2018+ Jeep Wrangler. In fact, mount the Trigger controller module in an otherwise unused location under the hood, adjacent to the battery. Furthermore, it requires no drilling and is easily removable without causing any damage to the vehicle. Laser cut aluminum sheet metal for long lasting strength and durability.

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